The Buddhist wedding ceremony is based on the Buddhist teaching of “Nidana” in which the couple vows to be united until the next life, and is performed in accordance with the Buddhist teachingthat marriage between two people is based on nidana from a previous life and the mercy of their ancestors.
Buddhism teaches that two people who are married will be united even after their rebirth, and that those who vow to marry in front of the Buddha will be united in the next life as well.

A Buddhist wedding ceremony held in a solemn atmosphere

Buddhist wedding ceremonies are held in a very solemn atmosphere, giving them a sense of importance. With incense burning and gagaku court music resounding in the solemn atmosphere, you can feel the significance of history at a Buddhist wedding ceremony.

Taking photos in sophisticated locations

Everything you see, including buildings and scenery, is majestic, and every place is good for taking photos.
Unlike a wedding venue, the time constraints are more relaxed, and you will be able to capture the most beautiful and wonderful photos.

Schedule for the day

9 AM Preparation

Get dressed in a kimono and prepare for your special day
From the moment you slip your arms through the kimono’s sleeves, you will stand up straight, feeling a little more grown-up than usual. After you have completed your hair and makeup, which will display your unique beauty glamorously, it is time for your wedding ceremony.

11:15 AM Photos at the temple

Take a slow, deep breath when you step into the awe-inspiring Buddhist temple
Experience the history and enjoy the atmosphere.
It is said that the weight of a kimono is the weight of marriage. Reflect upon your happiness with every profound step.

12:00 PM The wedding ceremony begins

The wedding ceremony begins
From the day of their wedding, may many blessings will fall upon the married couple every day.

PM 12:30 PM Taking group photos with everyone

Recording this wonderful moment with the best possible shot
Laughter and tears, thank-yous and take-cares, pride and sheepishness. Capture everything you experience today into a photograph.

Wedding ceremony fees and number of attendees

Wedding ceremony fee 220,000 Yen
(including Buddhist prayer beads)
Number of attendees Up to 30 people

Arranging outfits and hair and makeup

Japanese wedding style

We will fully support you in arranging everything for your Buddhist wedding, including the selection of Buddhist and Japanese-style wedding outfits and the program for the wedding day.

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