Religious services

The morning religious services will take place every day from 7 am.
This ceremony is to show daily appreciation to Buddhist saints and also to hold an ancestral memorial service.

密教の法具 三鈷杵(さんこしょ) 


After the morning service, we hold a Goma fire ritual every morning.

The Goma (Homa) Ritual of consecrated fire is unique to Vajrayana and Esoteric Buddhism. It is performed for the benefit of individuals, the state or all sentient beings in general. The consecrated fire is believed to have a powerful cleansing effect spiritually and psychologically. The fire symbolizes the wisdom of the Buddha and the wood sticks symbolize human desires (the root of suffering). the Buddha burns away the root of our suffering as we pray for our wishes to come true. Flames can sometimes reach a few meters high.

You could pray for the well-being of your family, recovery from illness, traffic safety, prosperity to the business and school success.

Name of person who are prayed.
Birth year.

Setsubun Yakuyoke Kaiun
Star Festival Prayers

節分 厄除開運 星祭祈願 北斗七星と根本大塔
To pray for the safety and happiness of the new year, we offer “Yakuyoke Kaiun Star Festival Prayers” during the Setsubun Festival in February.
We wish everyone a safe and happy year and hope to share happiness and joy with as many people as possible. We also hope you will recommend this event to your family and acquaintances and apply by the end of January.
It is, after all, the Buddha’s teaching to share joy with everyone.
After the prayers, we will present you with an “ofuda” talisman.

About Atari-Boshi

Every person is born with the spirit of the year.
At our temple, we enshrine the star that is derived from the year of birth during the Setsubun Festival in February, and pray to avoid misfortunes and disasters during bad years, and for fortunes to become even better during good years.

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