Memorial service

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About memorial services
(eternal memorial service)

We have a morning service every day, this ceremony is to show daily appreciation to Buddhist saints and also to hold an ancestral memorial service.
We have devoted ourselves to pray for the repose of ancestors’ souls for more than a thousand year in Ekoin. “Eko” means to give thanks to our ancestors and hold a memorial service.

To practice virtue lets your ancestors rest in peace and brings rewards to you.

We recommend you to hold a memorial service for them when you visit Koyasan.

We would be able to hold memorial services for one year or make a mortuary tablet and place it in the main temple of Ekoin eternally.
We offer a peaceful memorial service in the hometown of Kobo Daishi. There are no restrictions on religious doctrines or denominations.
The spirits of the deceased can be memorialized at our temple forever, and your name will be entered into the Eternal Records (Eitai Kakocho), so your visit will remain as a memorial for years to come. You will also be able to take home a certificate of your visit.
Required information for the memorial service:

Name of person who passed away.
Date when he/she passed away.
Age when he/she passed away.