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We have a few different type of accommodation in our monestary.
You could also learn Ajikan meditation and Buddhist sutra writing. Previous reservation is required.
Feel free to contact us for any questions.

Let us suggest that you can try Syojin Ryori (Buddhist vegetarian cuisine) and enjoy a relaxing time. Please enjoy the garden view and voluminous Syojin cuisine in your room. Have a pleasant stay in our quaint old temple which is different from a ryokan or a hotel. After walking around in the stone cemetery, you can relax in our hot spring bath and relieve your stress away. Syojin Ryori is a traditional vegetarian Buddhist meal that will soothe your body and mind.

※If you have problems with sitting on the floor for dinner, please ask us beforehand. We can provide you with a chair.

Ajikan Meditation and Buddhist Sutra Writing

Experiencing "Ajikan meditation" and "Buddhist sutra writing" is also possible for the guests who stay in Ekoin.

(Free of charge only for those who stay in Ekoin)



The guests could learn Ajikan meditation which is Shingon esoteric Buddhism method of meditation from 16:30 every evening. The meditation class is free of charge for those who stay in Ekoin.

Ajikan is not for strict training among the guests, but for enriching and healing the mind. You will be able to practice it even in your own house.

Even people who don't stay in Ekoin, they could also join our meditation session. It costs 500yen for those who don't stay in Ekoin.

Guests are free to use the meditation hall for meditation or yoga anytime in between 8am and 4pm, please make a reservation beforehand.

※Sometimes monks go in and out of the meditation hall to clean, so they might make some noise. Please excuse it.
※You can't use the mediation hall when it's reserved by a group.
※Please refrain anything which may disturb other people who are meditating.

Buddhist sutra writing

Buddhist sutra writing

Buddhist sutra writing is one of the ancient and simple practices. You can experience it in your own room.