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Ekoin recognizes the importance of personal information. Our aim is to ensure its protection. Our establishment complies with laws regarding personal information, and is committed to protect personal information appropriately.

Handling of Personal Information

●The Information We Collect

In order to provide better information, we collect limited necessary personal information. When we collect the information, we perform limited purpose as possible. Also, the collection is done by lawful and fair means. Here are the purposes of collection of personal information handled in Ekoin.

●The information we collect

When we use personal information, we use it within the range of the purpose of the collection you agreed with.

●Compliance of law and norm

We comply with laws, national guidelines and other norms concerning the protection of personal information.

●Implementation of safety management measures

In order to ensure the safety and accuracy of personal information, we implement organizational, human, physical and technical safety management measures, and we prevent unauthorized access to personal information and loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information.

●Request for disclosure

Please contact us to inquire about your personal information.
Phone number:0736-56-2514
Please contact us via the Inquiry Form when requesting disclosure.