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Memorial Service for your Ancestors

We have a morning service every day, this ceremony is to show daily appreciation to Buddhist saints and also to hold an ancestral memorial service.

We have devoted ourselves to pray for the repose of ancestors' souls for more than a thousand year in Ekoin. “Eko” means to give thanks to our ancestors and hold a memorial service.

To practice virtue lets your ancestors rest in peace and brings rewards to you.

We recommend you to hold a memorial service for them when you visit Koyasan.

We would be able to hold memorial services for one year or make a mortuary tablet and place it in the main temple of Ekoin eternally.

Required information for the memorial service:

Please ask us for more details.

Goma (Homa) Fire Ritual

After the morning service, we hold a Goma fire ritual every morning.

The Goma (Homa) Ritual of consecrated fire is unique to Vajrayana and Esoteric Buddhism. It is performed for the benefit of individuals, the state or all sentient beings in general. The consecrated fire is believed to have a powerful cleansing effect spiritually and psychologically. The fire symbolizes the wisdom of the Buddha and the wood sticks symbolize human desires (the root of suffering). the Buddha burns away the root of our suffering as we pray for our wishes to come true. Flames can sometimes reach a few meters high.

You could pray for the well-being of your family, recovery from illness, traffic safety, prosperity to the business and school success.

Required information for the fire ritual:

Please ask us for more details.