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Introduction of the Temple

Inner Garden Inner Garden

When you pass through the gate, the garden welcomes you. You will enjoy the glorious view.



Car Parking Space Car Parking Space

Cars parking lot fit up to 30 cars. (Reservations can't be made in advance.)

Entrance Entrance

Seasonal flower arrangement soothes away the tiredness from your trip.

Entrance Koya-kun
Large Hall Large Hall

Wide open spaces are part of the character of temples. This large hall is used in several annual ceremonies and dining rooms for large parties.

Guest Room Guest Rooms

All the guest rooms are relaxing Japanese-style. Although they are slightly different from hotels, you could experience ancient temple visit of Koyasan.

Library1 Library Library2

Books on Esoteric Buddhism can be read as you please.

Ajikan Practice Hall Ajikan Practice Hall Corridor

It is a hall to practice Ajikan (meditation of Shingon Esoteric Buddshim.) As there is an audio equipment, you could also use this hall as a conference room for training and education.

PC Corner PC Corner

There is an internet space. You can get information on Koyasan or post a blog before going for a stroll, it is also available to print them out.

Large Bath1 Large Bath

The hot spring bath is heated from the natural water of Koyasan mountains. The natural minerals of the spring have healing tendency for your skin. If you stretch your legs in the bath, you can relieve your stress from travelling.

Large Bath2 Large Bath3